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Program Vest - Rise and Shine Service Dogs

Program Vest - Rise and Shine Service Dogs

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✎ Program Vest listing
• The base program design is shown in the listing photos.  
• Allowable customizations:

1) Vests can be black or white fabric or marine vinyl
2) "Narcolepsy" can be removed from vest if client wants it removed
3) Color combinations allowed are as follows
     BLACK with GOLD embroidery (Thread 1670)
     BLACK with WHITE embroidery
     WHITE with BLACK embroidery
     LIGHT BLUE with WHITE embroidery

4) Design cannot be changed by clients other than as specified above
5) Program Directors can make any changes

Program clients with Program provided Code
are allowed to purchase.


❏ Purchase Restrictions
• Program Clients are allowed to purchase as long as you provide the program code.  Any unauthorized purchases will be canceled subject to a 10% cancelation fee.  Normal custom vest listings are listed in the shop


• One custom embroidered / handmade vest , embroidery on all panels
• 2 zippered pockets on the vests and capes only, jackets have no pockets
• Free USA delivery



• Vest size in the drop down is the longest dimension of the fabric part of the vest when laid flat. Straps are left very long on all vests so they can be adjusted to fit.
• S&R vests run SMALL. For example, a 20” S&R will be between 19-20” in size. Closer to 19.3”. 
• Recommend a vest size
 no larger than 2/3 of your dogs girth (dimension C shown on one of the listing photos). It is often better to size down an inch or so. I do not recommend sizing up, it will be too large to fit.

We use high quality cotton / poly fabrics that are nice and sturdy so they last.  Beautiful and perfect for your pets gear! 

All vests are handmade to order and will be shipped 2-3 weeks from the date of purchase.

This adjustable vest will be designed for you. You choose the colors of the vest and it will be machine embroidered per your request. Both the waist belt and neck belt are adjustable so they will fit many dogs. The belly strap has a quick release buckle for easy on and off. This vest is made to order.

To use, slip the vest over the dogs head and snap the belly band together using the buckles. If any of the straps are too long for your use, cut them to the desired length and, using a lighter, singe the ends of the strap (burning it melts the ends). This will prevent it from unraveling and leave the straps looking nice. Spot wash is preferred; however, you can wash it in cool water on the gentle cycle and line dry as needed.

Please note, these are light weight vests that are not designed to handle pulling loads. That sort of tasking would need a harness. The d-rings on this vest are not suitable for pulling tasks.

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Orders ship 2-3 weeks from the date of order.

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