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Well-made and looks professional

I ordered this vest for a family member’s wedding so that my service dog could match with everyone else. It was perfect. The maker did an excellent job with the stitching and embroidery, and the words were easy to read. I assume it was very comfortable since my dog had zero problems wearing it for 8+ hours. The vest fits very well and is highly adjustable, which is nice. The zippers on the pockets feel sturdy, and the logo on the inside is cute. The only questionable thing about this vest is that the webbing was a bit thin, but we didn't have any issues with it. We will continue using it in the future for outings and such, and I do expect it to hold up.

P.S. In the photo of my dog stretching, the strap was a bit big. This was before I adjusted it and when she first tried it on.

so cute and great quality!

Really cute

This wrap goes perfectly with my p&l vest. It's well made, durable, and looks professional yet festive.

Outstanding and fast service!

Samantha guided my decision for appropriate colors for the sign and she even checked in with me to be sure I was ordering the correct type of sign since I had ordered a different one previously. The sign arrived so quickly I was amazed! Great experience and gray product from start to finish!

Love this!

I have loved this first much more than I thought I would. I’m definitely going to buy from this shop again. The embroidery is clear and professional

Love the glow thread!!!

It looks so great in the dark makes it pop!

Perfect Wraps

I want to get my girl her last vest/cape and leash wrap with a SPN (supernatural) theme. I sent in my mock up and she re-created them perfectly and I love them so so so so much!

Christmas Vest

We love our new Christmas vest for our service dog, Harrison! We had it made, with a large houndstooth background on the center panel, and red sides, to match a black and white houndstooth dress we're wearing to a wedding (along with Harrison) in December! The vest looks stunning against H's white coat and I can't wait for him to wear it to the wedding! Since it says "Season's Greeting's on the back, and we went to Disneyland tonight, where all the decorations are out, he wore it for the first time! I'll post a picture of him in his vest with Mickey. Thank you Sam!

I love it!!

A beautiful vest/cape convertible and fits perfectly on my pup!

The sewing is excellent and the craftsmanship is wonderful <3

Please don’t steal this design)

Absolutely nothing wrong

Incredible quality and followed difficult written instructions PERFECTLY it was amazing

The glow is amazing!

I got all of the white of my vest in glow thread and it’s literally both so functional and so beautiful.

Great quality, very useful, brilliant.

Hi, I’ve been using this hard to sign and pouch for sometime now. In the pouch I carry a small collapsible water bowl and a dog first aid kit. I’ve not had a problem with anybody touching my Guide dog any more! Actually, people make a lot of comments about the signing state. They never knew those were the rules with a guide dog! This is a brilliant product to use. If you’re not using the Julius harness, it can be a little tricky to put on as it slides up and down the handle. I fix this by tying the extra long loose strap around the backstrap and back up to the sign and pouch.

Amazing As Always

Samantha created something very professional and beautiful for my girl. This is now my third time ordering from P&L and I have no regrets!


Brought my dream to life perfectly! Quality is made to last.

Best Vest Around

Whether it is patches you need, a leash wrap, or a custom vest for your pup, I have never found a better place to order from. All orders have been exactly what I had hoped for. Sam is very kind, and extremely talented! Everything always comes so fast and all even better than I could ask for. The prices are fantastic when you put it into comparison to other shops. Overall, could not say enough good things and if you are on the fence- PLACE THAT ORDER!!!!!!!


I needed (wanted lol) my gear for a special event and waited too long to order. Then I found this option and was so happy. It's no joke! I ordered on August 13th and it was delivered on the 21st. Sam was very speedy with getting my proof to me and all my items were perfect. It wasn't a small order either. I had a cape, multiple leash wraps, and a patch tab. An absolute lifesaver and so worth the cost.


This beautifully crafted cape is perfect for my service dog to wear at sermons and other church activities. I love how lightweight it is and not heavy of his back. It makes me want to purchase another.

Beautiful Vest and wonderfully made!!

I’m absolutely in love with our new vest! It is better than I ever imagined and my boy absolutely loves it! He has always been a bit gear shy and puts a lot of wear on his vest, but so far this vest is holding up wonderfully and he is super comfortable in it!! You can tell from the looks and feel of it that it is super well made and amazing quality!

Love My Custom Vests!!

I loveeee my custom vests, I went with Jade and light jade for my SDiT vests for my SD business. I was even able to add my logo on the middle and they look fantastic! Samantha was so great to work with, they had my design ready within the 10 days as advertised and they were very quick with sending back the adjusted mock up. Once we settled on the design the vests were made and shipped within a few days! I will definitely be getting all my future vests from this company.


Sam was able to recreate my design perfectly! It’s so much prettier in person and it’s everything I ever wanted. The quality of the material and embroidery is unbeatable! Really completed a service dog’s look!

BEAUTIFUL! Very high quality

Sam was able to make a small adjustment to the design so it would be more of what I was looking for and it was AMAZING! I love this shop, the owner, and the products. I am never disappointed in my purchase.

I order too many of these lol

Great quality with good snaps!!

Worth the upgrade!

When purchasing a cape, what’s an extra couple dollars? This was SUCH a perfect addition to my cape. It glows so vibrantly and it looks perfectly white in the light.


Upgrading was absolutely worth it! Even though this thread is more difficult to work with it still looks so clean and the embroidery is spotless!

Love it!

We absolutely love our dogs new service vest. It looks great on her and definitely works for her as she is named after princess zelda.