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I absolutely LOVE my vest and lead wrap! Thank you so so match!! 💗💗💗

I absolutely LOVE my vest and lead wrap! Thank you so so match!! 💗💗💗

Absolutely Stunning!!

I'm obsessed- the quality and the customer service are top notch! 10/10 recommend!

Lightweight for summer!

Our daughter’s diabetic alert dog goes everywhere with her! From school to vacays! We needed a lightweight vest and this was perfect! They were easy to work with. Heard what we wanted and executed the best perfectly! We love it!!


I love how many sizes of leash wraps there are to choose from, I have everywhere from extra wide to tiny and this is the perfect size for the straps that attach her chest strap on her mobility harness! Beautiful as always and ofc the quality is immaculate :)

Love it!

I have an addiction to collecting patience and love leash wraps, they are so versatile! I use them on my Guide handle, mobility harness, the chest strap of vests, collars and of course leashes! Such high quality the seller is amazing and so are her products, 100% recommend!


I love this shop! It’s just amazing every single time! If you’re looking for high quality beautiful gear that’ll really last this is the place to get it!

I love this! I ways always getting asked, whom I was training my dog for or people would walk up to me and say thank u. But for the wrong reasons. Ever since I put this on my treat pouch shoulder strap, not one interaction related to those. This wrap has added peace to my life. THANK YOU SAM!!!

Repair/Modify A Vest

I recently sent in 4 of my vests that I had purchased previously and I needed them switch to a convertable as my sdit has just be cleared for light mobilty. I mailed everything to her and had everything back in 11 days. Hassle free and quick process. Highly recommeded

Excellent Quality!

Excellent quality, embroidery is high quality, very pleased with my purchase!

Absolutely amazing

I absolutely love the vest she made for me and my service dog we got vinyl and it looks and feels awesome and it sits great on him she did such amazing work and I’m so thankful for her and that she made our dream vest come to life

Can't go anywhere without compliments

Everywhere we go is filled with smiles and giggles about how cute his new gear is. We love it so much!

very well done one of a kind vest

My order produced, manufactured exactly as requested
It is a one of a kind vest that is easy to read and notice when
My dog wears
I cannot say enough about this organization

prefect fit

it was exactly how i ordered it and i fit perfectly.

I love all my things from Patience and Love 143 and I’ve gotten a few!

Absolutely Amazing!

The leash wrap came quickly and is beautifully made. It is extremely high quality and seems like it last a long time. I will definitely be ordering more in the future!

Cape Custom Embroidered
Beverly D. from NYC
Visible and Beautiful!

I received my cape and it made me and my Guide Dog more VISIBLE when walking through the busy streets in our neighborhood. We have to face pedestrians, bikers, surfers and cars in my busy Beach Community, and no one can claim that they “didn’t see us” when she is wearing this! Also, it stops the statement “You can’t bring animals in here!” before they even say it. I know that we as handlers do not owe an explanation to anyone, but I encounter it so much, that the cape answers everyone before they ask, and makes it more convenient for me. The cape is also very beautiful. I have had many compliments on it from people walking by. It is well-made. I am probably going to order another one in vinyl for the days that it rains. Thank you Patience and Love!

Exactly how I designed them!

I submitted a design to Samantha and got exactly what I wanted back! This is my first time ordering patches from PNL and I super happy with these 6” 1.9 Rectangle Patches. They even came in a cute little satin bag!

No complaints

My mockup was made within a day of order and within a few hours after approving it, it was already completed and shipped. The quality is great! I know it’ll hold up for a long time. I also really appreciate the card with the how to video QR codes. That was very helpful I wish I would have bought this sign so much sooner. If people still try to have full conversations with me about my service dog or if they still try to grab his attention away from me after reading this sign, I’m gonna have to start cussing people out. His harness says ignore me I’m invisible on the side but that didn’t work. Hopefully the sign helps. Also, in the picture I know the sign looks small but it’s not , my service dog is tall, I’m short and I use this for counterbalance when I’m feeling faint so my handle is on the shorter side. I think it would fit perfectly on the longer guide handles. Thanks so much for making these signs!!

Fast and Flawless!

I ordered a vest for my medical alert service dog. I was finding the general public was struggling to read his small patches and wanted something easily visible. The proof was nearly identical to my mock up, the creator quickly made the few font size changes I requested to the proof, and the vest turned out perfect! It came in half the time expected. No more curious squinting strangers stepping in our space. (I ordered glow in the dark thread as a splurge for night flights and, in case you were wondering, it really does work!).


literally the best quality, lightweight perfect for summer!!!

Happy With My Dog's Vest

Excellent customer service.
Vest arrived as ordered, it's adorable!
Fits perfect!

Fantastic as always!

Adding more to my collection for a near trip! I love these!

High quality!

Needing another for a trip and this was perfect! I never want to go to another crafter.

harness sign