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Patience and Love

Long Body Style Custom Embroidered Vest

Long Body Style Custom Embroidered Vest

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• Create a sketch or write a description of what you would like your custom to look like
• Select the options on the listing and upload your reference mock-up (If available)
• Thread color options can be found here: Available Thread Colors
• Font options can be found here: Font Options 

• One custom embroidered / handmade vest 
• 2 zippered pockets are included
• 2 d-rings will be included if on the approved proof.  Note: the d rings are for tags or other small items. They are NOT designed for pulling (FMP / handles) 
• Digital proof for you to approve will be sent 10-17 days after order is placed for your approval. See proof policy below for additional info.
• Free USA delivery

Proof generations policy for embroidered vests:
Please send over any guidance on what your gear is to look like after purchasing your vest. I will work on proof of your gear and will send the proof for your review 3-5 days before the ship date for your review and approval. With your purchase price, I include a proof of one theme and up to 4 edits. Edits can include changes to the text, position, colors, etc. Large scale changes such as changing the design to another idea, changing the theme, changing the shape of the vest, etc... will result in revision charges.


• Vest size in the drop down is the longest dimension of the fabric part of the vest when laid flat. Straps are left very long on all vests so they can be adjusted to fit.
• Recommend a vest size
 no larger than 2/3 of your dogs girth (dimension C shown on one of the listing photos). It is often better to size down an inch or so. I do not recommend sizing up, it will be too large to fit.

❏ Do's and Don'ts
• Have fun designing and coming up with ideas!
• Help Us Respect the Rights of Artists and Other Creatives; Only use art that you have permission to use (meaning you purchased rights or have written permission for use)

• DO NOT send me copyrighted or trademarked prints / or art without written permissions from the owner. Unacceptable content may include references to, or images from, a celebrity, fictional character, designer, business, company, film, tv show, band, sports team, book, product name, NFL, School Logos, Movie studio characters, Mouse ears, beverage logos, etc. They will not be printed, and your order may be canceled and refunded with a 10% service fee.

We use high quality cotton / poly fabrics that are nice and sturdy so they last.  Beautiful and perfect for your pets gear! 

All vests are handmade to order and will be shipped 2-3 weeks from the date of purchase.

(Please note, the phrase "I NEED SPACE" and "I need space" is not eligible for shipping to the UK. I can send you GIVE ME SPACE)

This adjustable vest will be designed for you. You choose the colors of the vest and it will be machine embroidered per your request. Both the waist belt and neck belt are adjustable so they will fit many dogs. The belly strap has a quick release buckle for easy on and off. This vest is made to order.

To use, slip the vest over the dogs head and snap the belly band together using the buckles. If any of the straps are too long for your use, cut them to the desired length and, using a lighter, singe the ends of the strap (burning it melts the ends). This will prevent it from unraveling and leave the straps looking nice. Spot wash is preferred; however, you can wash it in cool water on the gentle cycle and line dry as needed.

Please note, these are light weight vests that are not designed to handle pulling loads. That sort of tasking would need a harness. The d-rings on this vest are not suitable for pulling tasks.

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Orders ship 2-3 weeks from the date of order.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Another great product

I got tis as my girl's fist and last embroidered vest. It looks great and we have gotten a lot of compliments on it. Sam was very patience with us for the car part of the vest till we got the right fit. It shipped on time, and we love it.

Nathaniel Gorbet
Amazing, absolutely amazing

For some reason, finding a sharp looking service dog vest is a very difficult task. I had known in my head for a couple of years what I was looking for and was unable to fund it. Samantha brought my thoughts to life, and created an amazing vest for my dog. I could not be more thrilled with the product!

Kris Lane
Perfect puppy vest

Samantha always does an amazing amazing job! I was needing my first ever vest for my new mobility prospect puppy, and this vest is so bright, visible, professional, and yet still fun! We have already had a handful of amazing positive interactions with the public because of this vest. And it triggers conversation about disabilities and service dogs which is my special interest. All in all a perfect little vest, that she even made to match an hand me down we got online! Only thing is we asked for no pockets (since it’s just her starter vest and very small) and still got pockets. But we did approve the proof that said it had pockets so that’s on me 🫣

Our third vest from Sam but certainly not the last!


Amazing vest! Absolutely perfect!

Alex R.

Brought my dream to life perfectly! Quality is made to last.

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